TOP 10 Wooden Sculptures

We are surrounded by beauty, in this world. Some are natural and some are man-made and when we come to the topic of discussing man-made beauty, Sculpture comes to the first. From many years, wooden sculpture has occupied a great position in the world of Sculpture. Let’s see which sculptures have filled the top 10 position among the all.

10. SEAT


Seat is created in the collaboration of Yon Ju Lee and Brian Brush from New York and it has ranked 10th position in the world of wooden sculpture. It has been made using 400 hundred wooden chairs and the chairs are connected to each other by using normal screws, lag bolts and clamps which are unseen from the outside. This cryptic structure deals with the question of what we want to see in a sculpture and how we want to see it.



Untitled3 Untitled2

Dan Webb was born in East Lansing, Michigan and he is the creator of several splendid sculptures, which ones look like quite alive. He makes amazing sculptures out of wood that look so real that someone easily can make mistake thinking them to be real. Among them, Soft pillow is one which has also been created out of hard wood but having a living look.




Jessica Drenk is inspired to create sculptures out of simple pencils and naturally, she uses 1200 to 400 pencils to create a single sculpture. She creates some complex and unique patterns which takes form as a natural object and thus she attempts to make a connection between the non-natural and natural world.




German sculpture artist, Wolfgang Stiller is the creator of the Matchstickmen and these sculptures are really exclusive in their patterns. Several faces have been formed out of wood which seem like faces have been appeared in the wood after burning each matchstick.




Bruno Walpoth was grown up with his grand-father and an uncle and both of them were woodcarvers. So, he was influenced by his grand-father and uncle and started to curve sculptures out of wood in his own way. We can see a unique pattern of his sculptures that he chooses to carve human body out of wood but attempts to keep the wood grains visible.




Mario Dilitz is the most famous sculpture artists who attempts to have a focus on revealing the contradictory nature of human being by his art and giving a real expression in face of his sculptures. He uses high quality layered wood to make his life-sized sculptures. After going a long process of destruction and reconstruction he creates the structure of the sculptures and so they reveal a great intensity and appeal.




The series of ‘One-to-One’ is created by Caroline Slotte. The sculptures are mainly representing a set of stuffs that creates confusing situation for the viewer. These objects seem very similar of at least two objects at the same time or rather two materials concurrently. These sculptures are mainly famous for these puzzling features.




Pablo Reinoso has created a series of benches those have fulfilled their role of being furniture but added a natural artistic value by being a branch that can grow and climb. These are exclusive featured sculptures that reveal the ultimate desire of woods.




The enchanter of unique magical way of sculpting, Willy Verginer started his work with wood in his hometown Bressaone. Firstly he used to sculpt in the conventional way. But day by day he developed his own way to make sculptures. His sculptures are so much alive as well as mysterious and yet seem to be fragile.




The 1st place occupying sculptures are made by Italian sculptor Aron Demetz who has a magical touch in his hand to make sculptures out of wood. His every sculpture expresses harmony and conflicts between human being and the mighty nature. The specialties of the sculptures are the hash surfaces and the smooth carved figures.

Ten most famous statues

Statues are sculpted representation of human beings or animals and have been created since pre historic times and continue to be made to present date. These statues serve as major tourist attraction sites.

Liberty statue


Statue of liberty was erected in 1886 to serve as a gift from the people of France to U.S during the celebration of 100 years since the signing of independence declaration. The statue is of a woman in sandals, a beaming crown, and a stola, a chain that is broken and whose raised right hand holds a torch. It stands on Liberty Island, Manhattan in New York.

Christ the Redeemer


Christ the redeemer statue was built in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil between the years 1926-1931. This symbol of Christianity stands at a 700m peak of the Corcovado Mountain, with a 30m height excluding the 8m pedestal and 28m arm stretch.

Sphinx of Giza


The great Sphinx of Giza is a creature made of limestone, whose body resembles that of a lion and the head is of a human. Being the largest monolith statue worldwide, it has a length of 73.5m, 19.3 breadths and a 20.22m height. It was built on the Gaza plateau in Egypt, 2000BC.

David statue


David statue, found in Italy was constructed by Italian artist Michelangelo during the year 1501-1504. The statue is of a nude male who is assumed to be the biblical hero, David as he envisioned on the fight that was yet to come. It is about 5.17m in height and is considered a masterpiece of renaissance sculpture.

Olmec Heads


The Olmec colossal heads located to the south-central of Mexico were erected in 1400-400 BC. The heads are enormous and helmeted; a characteristic that enables them to be easily recognized. They are seventeen in number ranging from the tallest, Rancho La Cobata, 34m high to the smallest, Tres Zapotes, 1.47m high.

Motherland Calls


The motherland calls in Volgograd, Russia was dedicated in 1967 in commemoration of the battle that took place in that area. It has a sword held high in the right hand and the left hand is extended to suggest a calling sign.

The Thinker


The Thinker is a sculpture that was made of bronze by Auguste Rodin in the 1980s. The statue is of a nude male who is over-life size seated on rock, his chin resting on one hand as though in deep thoughts. It is a representative of philosophy whose height is 186cm.

Little Mermaid


A bronze statue of a little mermaid seated on a rock lies in a harper in Copen Hagen, Denmark. It was engineered by Edvard Eriksen in 1913 in commemoration of a play entitled the little mermaid. It is 1.25m high and weighs 178 kg.

Terrace of Lions


The terrace of lions in Delos Island, Greece was designed in 600BC by the Naxos people as a dedication to Apollo. The original work consisted of nine to twelve guardian lions of marble that lay along the sacred way, however, only five lions have survived the over the years and are found in Delos museum.

Five Buddha statues you must see

The Buddha statues, also referred to as Buddharupa, are among the most fascinating carvings due to their massive sizes. Lord Buddha and his studies on Buddhism made a great contribution to the world of art by producing various Buddha statues. These statues are major tourist attraction sites. These Buddha statues share several characteristics in that they have proportionally elongated fingers and toes, broad shoulders, head protuberance, long aquiline nose and elongated earlobes. Listed below are some of the most mesmerizing Buddha statues.

Leshan Giant Buddha


The Leshan Buddha statue is found in Sichuan, China. This gigantic statue was curved out of cliff face. The construction of this Buddha statue was begun during the era of Tang dynasty in the year 713 and ended in the year 803. The Leshan Giant statue is a figure of Maitreya which was represented traditionally in a sitting posture. It has a height of 71 m, with its fingers being 3m long on each of its huge resting hands.

Temple of Emerald Buddha


The statue is one of Bangkok’s Buddhist temples which is found within the grounds of the grand palace. Its construction was carried out in the city of Pataliputra, India in the year 43 BC. The statue stayed there for about 300 years after which the Buddhist monks took it to Sri Lanka during the 4th century AD to prevent it from destruction during the war. The statue was further moved to Thailand and later on to Wat Phra Kaew in the year 1779. This Temple statue is one of the most famous statues with three sets of gold clothing that is changed in a grand ceremony at the changing of seasons by the king of Thailand.

Great Buddha of Kamakura


The statue is cast in bronze and is located in the city of Kamakura, Japan. It is believed to have been cast by a Buddhist called Monk Joko who used donations to build it in 1232. The statue, which was originally housed in a small wooden temple, is now found in open air since a tsunami swept away the temple in the 15th century. It acts as a colossal outdoor representation of Amida Buddha with a height of 13m and a weight of 93 tons.

Temple of the Reclining Buddha

It is one of the largest temples found in Wat Pho, Bangkok. It was built about 200 years ago in commemoration of the passing of the Buddha into Nirvana. One of its distinct features is the decoration of its eyes and feet with engraved mother pearl and the display of the 108 auspicious characteristics on the soles of the feet. Its length is 46m and the height, 15m.

Ushiku Daibutsu Buddha


Ushiku Daibutsu Buddha, also called Ushiku Arcadia is one of the tallest statues in the world with a height of 120m, including the base and the lotus platform which are both 10m tall. The statue is made of bronze and depicts Amitabha Buddha. Ushiku Buddha is found in Ushiku, japan and its construction was completed in 1995.

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Top Ten Resin Sculptures

Sculptures are created using various materials such as fiberglass resin, bronze among many others. Resin has majorly been used in casting of sculptures. Resin is flexible and has the ability to retain the original and finest details of the object being sculpted and weighs less than other materials. Following is a list of the well-known resin sculptures made by Lee from Emonili

Resin Horse Sculpture                                                          

The resin horse sculptors were created by Patricia Crane, an equine sculptor. These horse sculptures are placed in many museums all over the world. The horses are an expression of important values in life and heart.

Hadrosaurus Foulki

The sculpture was designed by John Gianotti. The remains of this dinosaur were first discovered in a local marl pit in 1858. The sculpture was the first ever casting of this dinosaur to be made and is found in Borough, New Jersey.

Mother and Child Sculpture


The mother and child sculpture was first cast by Perryn Buttler; a Welsh sculptor based in Haverford west, United Kingdom. The sculpture is made of a combination of bronze and resin. This art work is a representation of strong connections that exists between the mother and the child.

The Art of Giving Sculpture

The sculpture was created by Michael Alfano. It helped in the raising of funds as donations for local and national charities.

Ron Muecks Human Sculptures

Ron Muecks was a London based photo realistic artist who made human sculptures using fibre glass resin. His most famous human sculpture was that of his dead father represented in a small, naked body, in 1997. His other human sculpture that is well known is the crouching boy.

Riusuke Fukahori Sculptures

Riusuke is a renowned sculptor who majorly uses resin in his casts. One of his sculptures is that of a 3 dimensional goldfish. The gold fish are then painted on resin, layer per layer. The purpose of using these layers of resin is to slowly bring the sculptures to live and portray reality.

Hyper Realistic Sam Jinks Human Sculptors

Sam Jinks has created human sculptures using resin that are extremely hyper realistic. His works on human sculptures are based on emotional vulnerability by moving his audience. His works also represent a combination of different stages in life.

German shorthaired pointer Resin

This sculpture was designed by David Geenty using a mixture of resin and bronze. The sculpture is 19cm tall, a breadth of 21 cm and a weight of 0.85 kilos. At its base, are small soft pads which play a key role in protecting the sculpture from damage. It also contains the sculptor’s signature for authenticity.

Soup Sculptures

Seung Yul Oh is a sculptor who has created many Korean noodle soup sculptures using resin, epoxy, steel and aluminum. His work is however, exaggerated in that there are extending noodles from the bowl, 12 feet into space. There is also a pair of floating chopsticks.

Atta Boys Sculpture

These sculptures were created by a German based artist, Gregor Gaida. They are a representation of human emotion and aggressiveness. They are cast as though scratching a straight line of chalk into the floor. They have mirror imagery.

7 Decorating Tips for Your Bedroom

Bedroom has a central focus in every house as we seek the highest comfort in the bed. After day long work we take shelter in such a place which will make us most relaxed and that is the bedroom. Thus bedroom is very important for a comfortable life. So we should be thoughtful to decorate our bedroom in a well-organized way. Now, come to the point-how you can decorate your bedroom to make it more comfortable and marvelous….?


There are 7 tips mentioned here, those will help you to decorate your bedroom more appealingly.

♣ Simplicity:


Bedroom should have a simple look. Do not try to make it over-crowded by gathering a lot of stuffs. There should be a simple circulation way in it. Do not put any blockage on the passage of movement. Reduce the unnecessary materials from the room.

♣ Furniture arrangement:


Make a perfect plan for the proper furniture arrangement. A bedroom should have bed, nightstands, wardrobe, desk, chair, dressing table etc. as furniture and these materials should be kept in an organized way to make more free space in the bedroom to have a fresh view.

♣ Light and ventilation:


You should keep the windows open adjacent to the room for proper ventilation and light. Use light with dimmer to increase and decrease the sharpness of the light. Use artistic and stylish but simple table-lamp for this purpose. You may also use the combination of bed-side lamps and over-head lights to control the lighting system in your bedroom. Use light with glasses of pink or blue or green colors. It will fill your bedroom with a soft beauty.

♣ Color planning:


Choose a peaceful cool color for decorating your bedroom as it will give you more relaxation. You can choose blue or pink or green or white colors for this purpose as these colors are calming and soothing colors. Try to make an even combination of colors among the furniture, accessories and the walls of your room.

♣ Bed and pillows:


You should choose a comfortable, nice-looking and moderately larger bed for your bedroom. Make sure that you have enough soft pillows matching with the color of bed-covering. You may use too many pillows in your bedroom for more comfort and also having a charming delightful appearance.

♣ Creating a view:


You may keep a large stylish mirror for creating a view in the room. Or keep the large windows open to have an outside view. It will make the room pleasing and it will save you from getting bored in your bedroom with the still picture of the room.

♣ Paintings and other accessories:



Fill up the large blank space of the wall with large painting or photograph to have an artistic look in your room. Keep some flower-vases with some fresh real flowers to have a natural lovely weather with fragrance. You may put a statue on the desks or beside the window to create an attractive look. Use the mosquito-net in a way that will also decorate the room with softness and mildness.


How to Sculpt Ceramic

A sculpture is a piece of artwork that exists in 3 dimensions. It can be developed from all points of view by using elements such as glass, textiles, metals, wood, or clay. Clay is mainly used in the formation of ceramic pieces of art. The construction of clay sculptures takes place in nine stages which are well described below.

Sculpture Designing

This is the stage whereby an artist decides how the sculpture is going to be designed in order to make it attractive. The artist makes a decision on what materials to use and whether they will require combination or not. The materials can either be pierced then thrown on a wheel together or they can be molded using coils and slabs.

Sculpture Hollowing

Sculpture hollowing involves the use of ceramic trimming tools to dig out and scrap the ceramic materials. The tools enable the artist to retain the strength of the ceramic wall of the sculpture.

Maintaining Uniformity

Maintenance of the uniformity of the sculpture is highly recommended in order to prevent any cracks or shrinkages. Different thickness of the ceramic material has different rates of shrinking. Therefore if all the walls are roughly uniform, the rate of shrinkage too will be uniform.

Prevention of Drying

The sculpture being constructed is covered using p [lactic sheets and bags in order to reduce the rate at which drying takes place. Sometimes water can be added to the sculpture using sponges of various sizes. Different ceramic materials have different rates of drying for example red clay has a slow drying rate.

Reassembling of Individual Pieces

Individual pieces of the ceramic materials are then reassembled. This requires the use of adhesive materials to score the both ends. Adhesive materials used for example include a solution of dried and reused clay in water.

Rolling Using Hands

The sculpture is rolled using fingers in a specific design. The rolling starts from the center and extends further away from the center. The hands should move away from each other on rolling.

Rolling Using Rolling Pin

This step involves the use of rolling pin to roll out the slabs in order to achieve an even rolling. The ceramic material is aligned between two strips of material with a thickness according to the design requirements. On rolling the strips, the ends of the rolling pin flatten the ceramic material to the required width.

Texture Creation

An even texture is created using methods such as carving, use of imprint tools, branding using various implements or rolling the material on burlap.

Finishing the Piece

The final step in the construction of a ceramic sculpture involves glazing, painting using stains, firing and then painting with acrylics or oils according to the liking of the artist. Enormous sculptures, most often do not fit into kilns and this prompts the construction of the sculpture in smaller pieces which are fitted together after firing. It is recommended that when making a ceramic structure, allowance should be made for the purpose of attachments in the interior and also to prevent the showing of cracks. Ceramic sculptures are subject to breakage.

Famous Clay Sculpture Artists

Claywas the first and only sculpting materials long before the revolution in the realm of the art and science. Now we have many tools and materials to make sculpture from stone and metals. But still today clay sculptures are quite popular among the art-loving people and the artists are still fascinated to work with clay. So we will have a look on the people who are fabulously famous in the kingdom of clay sculptures as a clay sculpture artist.


Michelangelo has the highest fame in the realm of art. He was an Italian painter, architect, sculptor and also designer. He is the masterpiece creator of painting and sculpture that the world has ever seen. His famous art-works are the David, Pieta and the Last Judgment. He is the artist of the Renaissance. He simply used marble for sculpting. But he also used clay to make statue. One notable sculpture among his clay models is the Model of a Nude Torso’.



Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) was one of the greatest artists and sculptor in the world. He was an Italian architect and he was the prominent sculptor at his time. He loved to work with clay and he has a great contribution in the modern clay sculpting system.

Untitled3 Untitled2


The famous and classic Spanish sculptor and painter Pablo Picasso first started making sculpture at the age of 22 and he used clay to make sculpture at the beginning of his sculpting. ‘Head of Picador with a Broken Nose’ is the first clay sculpture made by him.



Thomas Brown is an English sculptor of this edge. He attempts to focus on the natural beauty and tries to highlight it in his work. Clay is the main material of his creation. In his sculptures he efforts to give a rhythm of the supremacy and liveliness of the breathing world. He is a proud swimmer against the current wave of the world of art.


Nathan Mabry is a sculptor in this time and he was born in Colorado in 1978. He creates sculptor in a preemptive way by using clay or wood. He participated in several exhibitions.


Eduardo Gomez is a present-day sculptor who was born in Colombia in 1951. He has created many sculptures. Some of them are- the Soul Dance, El Viejo, Danseu Royal, Faith, and Flamenco Dancer. He also creates sculpture out of clay. Old Hippie is one of the clay sculptures made by him.



Flow Fitzgerald is a French sculptor and she is 42 years old. She is a modern-day sculptor and makes sculptures with clay and other materials. She is mainly motivated to take nature and human body as the theme of her sculptures. Loanna and Katherine are two famous clay sculptures made by her.



Wayne Niemi is another emerging modern-time sculptor. He is very professional in his work and he is an American sculptor. The main theme of his sculptures is expressing the emotion and facial poses of human being in different situations. The uniqueness of his art is facial expression of one sculpture made by him never matches with the facial expression with another one.

Untitled9 Untitled10

7 Tips for Organizing Your Living Room

To create a beautiful, friendly environment in your home, you need to give an extra focus on your living room. Your living room expresses your level preference and aristocracy to your family members, friends and guests. So be conscious about organizing your living room. There are 7 tips mentioned below, which may help you to organize your living room more magnificently.

  1. Dividing the room in different portions:
    First divide your living room and decide on what portion you want to use for what purpose. For example- you may decide that you will use the northern portion of the room to keep the sofa and the TV because of its being adjacent to the door. Thus you may create some specific location for some furniture and accessories in your living room to organize them.
  2. Clean up the mess:
    Try to clean your living room at least once in a week. Start cleaning with a specific little portion in the room and focus on details. Sweep the dust; clean the spare parts of foods, clothes, papers and other trash. Put everything in the specified place. Do not make a chaos of accessories pointlessly. A clean and hygienic living room will refresh your mind.
  3. Organize the collection of books, DVDs, magazines:
    Keep the books on the bookshelves in an attractive and artistic way. Decorate the DVD player near to the TV and organize the DVDs according to the categories in the shelves. You can keep the magazines on a tray on the tea-table.
  4. Focus on other accessories:
    Use artistic looking ash-trays, flower-vases and statues in the living room. Organize the ware and cable in a way that it will not hamper the beauty of the room and will assure the free movement in the room.
  5. Color scheme:
    Color combination is a very important aspect which greatly influences the appearance of the room. Do not use so odd color which hurts the eyes. Try to choose soft and cool color while you are going to paint your wall. You should use furniture matching with the color of the room. Give a rhythm to the color management.
  6. Lighting aspects:
    You can use the blending of table-lamps and over-head lighting system in living room. Use gorgeous table-lamp with colored glasses to create a magnificent look. But never try to block the natural light to enter into the room by covering the window with heavy curtains.
  7. Furniture and paintings:
    Select a comfortable and stylish sofa set to enhance the level of comfort. Be cautious about selecting the color and size of it as it should not be incongruous with the internal design of the room. Add paintings on the wall as black wall gives a feeling of emptiness. Change the order of decoration of the furniture time to time to bring a new look in the room. Remove the unnecessary furniture from the room and add the important ones. Do not make an unnecessary assemblage of furniture in the room.



If you still looking for more tips you should check out HGTV

Seven Animal Sculptures You Must See

Animal sculptures are a major tourist attraction especially for the animal lovers. These sculptures are found in very many states. The list below is of the most famous animal statues.

The Wild Horse Monument

The Wild Horse Monument

The wild horse monument was designed by David Govedares in 1989. This piece of art was dramatically a representation of an image of horses which seemed to be galloping over the Columbia River. Thousands of tourist pass through the view point to get that amazing sight of a herd of wild horses running on top of a plateau. The sculpture, such as many other animal sculptures, is meant to honor the wild horse heritage in the Native American culture.

The Wall Street Bull

The Wall Street Bull

The bull sculpture is made of bronze and is located in the New York City. The statue was designed by an Italian American sculptor referred to as Arturo Di Monica. The sculpture was intended to be a gift to the city from the artists. According to the legendary stories about this statue, rubbing its nose and horns is thought to bring about good luck

Balto, the Husky

This statue of a dog was built in appreciation of the bravery shown by an Alaskan sled dog in helping save the lives of many children, at a time when the deadly diphtheria had become an epidemic. The nearest town where one could get medicine was about 700 miles away, but the sled dog teams braved the blizzards and very low temperatures in order to take the children to the hospital. Balto was the name of the team head whose group made it to complete the long journey. Its ears and eyes have been rubbed so much that they turned shiny.

Tigers of Princeton

Tigers of Princeton

These tigers are a mascot of Princeton University in New Jersey. The two most famous tiger sculptures are the Nassau Hall tigers which are made of bronze. They were constructed in the year 1911 headed by the sculptor, A.P Proctor.

The Secretariat

The secretariat sculpture was constructed as an immortalized representation of the most famous racehorses in the world. The secretariat horse has been crowned thrice on winning with the most incredible one being the win at Belmonte stakes, a 30 length win. The sculpture is placed in kenturkey Horse Park.

Stone Mountain Horses

Stone Mountain Horses

The sculpture contains a bas relief on its northern face and is rated as the largest in the world. These horses are carved on the graphite rock of Stone Mountain which if located in Georgia. It has an elevation of 514m above the area surrounding it.

Old Sheep

This is another phenomenal piece of art found in, fort Benton Montana. This sculpture was erected to commemorate the loyalty of a sheep to its master. The owner of the sheep is believed to have taken ill in 1936. The sheep followed him to the hospital and waited for him at the hospital doors. The owner died, but the sheep followed his casket the train. This sheep spent about five years and a half always waiting for his master to return at the station. The sculpture was constructed in 1994.